YBL099W / ATP1

Alpha subunit of the F1 sector of mitochondrial F1F0 ATP synthase, which is a large, evolutionarily conserved enzyme complex required for ATP synthesis; phosphorylated

Zygosity: Homozygous strain
Profile for YBL099W / ATP1

Click on Significant Values for Screen Details ID:SGTC_700|Compound:3453-2283|FD-Score:-3.60|P-value:3.40E-4 ID:SGTC_1204|Compound:4049-0315|FD-Score:-3.73|P-value:2.18E-4 ID:SGTC_2166|Compound:5933061|FD-Score:-4.03|P-value:6.99E-5 ID:SGTC_700|Compound:3453-2283|FD-Score:-3.60|P-value:3.40E-4 ID:SGTC_1204|Compound:4049-0315|FD-Score:-3.73|P-value:2.18E-4 ID:SGTC_2166|Compound:5933061|FD-Score:-4.03|P-value:6.99E-5

Top fitness defect scores for YBL099W deletion by condition

RankScreen IDConditionFD ScoreConc
1 SGTC_3020 9089140 3.26 49.5 µM 0.00102 51 5.51E-4
2 SGTC_3026 9090633 3.25 49.5 µM 0.00106 47 5.78E-4
3 SGTC_2544 sphondin 3.22 68.5 µM 0.00118 RNA pol III & RNase P/MRP 47 6.48E-4
4 SGTC_1767 st044992 3.19 70.3 µM 0.00126 46 6.99E-4
5 SGTC_2171 5739187 2.96 198.1 µM 0.00257 copper-dependent oxidative stress 51 0.00154
6 SGTC_692 k241-0027 2.95 77.8 µM 0.00264 35 0.00159
7 SGTC_2062 5245942 2.94 200.0 µM 0.00275 62 0.00166
8 SGTC_711 k292-0785 2.91 179.0 µM 0.00297 DNA intercalators 65 0.00180
9 SGTC_3180 9109287 2.90 49.5 µM 0.00305 56 0.00186
10 SGTC_3288 9119690 2.89 36.2 µM 0.00313 55 0.00191
11 SGTC_1017 4239-0030 2.89 168.0 µM 0.00315 89 0.00193
12 SGTC_1000 4048-0884 2.86 8.7 µM 0.00339 copper-dependent oxidative stress 84 0.00209
13 SGTC_1967 st070177 2.86 51.4 µM 0.00341 71 0.00211
14 SGTC_2325 6158266 2.86 200.0 µM 0.00347 77 0.00215
15 SGTC_1823 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid 2.84 106.0 µM 0.00366 62 0.00227
16 SGTC_1052 3253-3998 2.83 198.0 µM 0.00372 88 0.00232
17 SGTC_1843 st055809 2.82 45.5 µM 0.00379 72 0.00237
18 SGTC_1055 3448-0672 2.80 86.0 µM 0.00405 99 0.00255
19 SGTC_1389 3405-0187 2.80 19.0 µM 0.00411 69 0.00259
20 SGTC_3320 9137005 2.78 35.1 µM 0.00427 endomembrane recycling 63 0.00270

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Cofit Genes
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Correlation pval ORF Gene Zygosity Description
0.195 3.43E-30 YDR477W SNF1 hom AMP-activated serine/threonine protein kinase; found in a complex containing Snf4p and members of the Sip1p/Sip2p/Gal83p family; required for transcription of glucose-repressed genes, thermotolerance, sporulation, and peroxisome biogenesis; involved in regulation of the nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of Hxk2p; regulates filamentous growth in response to starvation
0.134 5.75E-15 YKL206C ADD66 hom Protein involved in 20S proteasome assembly; forms a heterodimer with Pba1p that binds to proteasome precursors; similar to human PAC2 constituent of the PAC1-PAC2 complex involved in proteasome assembly
0.116 1.36E-11 YOR116C RPO31 het RNA polymerase III largest subunit C160, part of core enzyme; similar to bacterial beta-prime subunit and to RPA190 and RPO21
0.110 1.64E-10 YKL066W_d YKL066W_d hom Dubious open reading frame, unlikely to encode a protein; not conserved in closely related Saccharomyces species; partially overlaps the verified gene YNK1
0.107 4.61E-10 YBR154C RPB5 het RNA polymerase subunit ABC27, common to RNA polymerases I, II, and III; contacts DNA and affects transactivation
0.107 6.08E-10 YDR189W SLY1 het Hydrophilic protein involved in vesicle trafficking between the ER and Golgi; SM (Sec1/Munc-18) family protein that binds the tSNARE Sed5p and stimulates its assembly into a trans-SNARE membrane-protein complex
0.106 6.31E-10 YGR216C GPI1 het Membrane protein involved in the synthesis of N-acetylglucosaminyl phosphatidylinositol (GlcNAc-PI), the first intermediate in the synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchors; human and mouse GPI1p are functional homologs
0.104 1.49E-9 YMR311C GLC8 hom Regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 1 (Glc7p); involved in glycogen metabolism and chromosome segregation; proposed to regulate Glc7p activity via conformational alteration; ortholog of the mammalian protein phosphatase inhibitor 2; protein abundance increases in response to DNA replication stress
0.099 1.05E-8 YIR033W MGA2 hom ER membrane protein involved in regulation of OLE1 transcription, acts with homolog Spt23p; inactive ER form dimerizes and one subunit is then activated by ubiquitin/proteasome-dependent processing followed by nuclear targeting
0.091 1.18E-7 YER187W_p YER187W_p hom Putative protein of unknown function; induced in respiratory-deficient cells
0.091 1.47E-7 YOR060C SLD7 het Protein with a role in chromosomal DNA replication; interacts with Sld3p and reduces its affinity for Cdc45p; deletion mutant has aberrant mitochondria
0.090 1.53E-7 YLR103C CDC45 het DNA replication initiation factor; recruited to MCM pre-RC complexes at replication origins; promotes release of MCM from Mcm10p, recruits elongation machinery; mutants in human homolog may cause velocardiofacial and DiGeorge syndromes
0.090 1.78E-7 YNL181W_p YNL181W_p het Putative oxidoreductase; required for cell viability
0.090 2.01E-7 YBR240C THI2 hom Transcriptional activator of thiamine biosynthetic genes; interacts with regulatory factor Thi3p to control expression of thiamine biosynthetic genes with respect to thiamine availability; acts together with Pdc2p to respond to thiaminediphosphate demand, possibly as related to carbon source availability; zinc finger protein of the Zn(II)2Cys6 type
0.089 2.19E-7 YPR033C HTS1 het Cytoplasmic and mitochondrial histidine tRNA synthetase; efficient mitochondrial localization requires both a presequence and an amino-terminal sequence; mutations in human ortholog HARS2 are associated with Perrault syndrome