Protein of unknown function; protein abundance increases in response to DNA replication stress

Zygosity: Homozygous strain
Profile for YLR257W / YLR257W

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Top fitness defect scores for YLR257W deletion by condition

RankScreen IDConditionFD ScoreConc
1 SGTC_779 1360-0071 6.21 233.0 µM 7.16E-11 fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) 6 2.57E-10
2 SGTC_1809 st050081 5.67 57.6 µM 2.47E-9 5 7.11E-9
3 SGTC_1526 st051518 4.99 75.0 µM 1.32E-7 6 2.98E-7
4 SGTC_1911 st060208 4.72 74.3 µM 5.59E-7 18 1.15E-6
5 SGTC_1602 st001878 4.61 87.6 µM 1.01E-6 11 2.01E-6
6 SGTC_2279 7948423 4.29 32.9 µM 4.86E-6 8 8.82E-6
7 SGTC_1347 1493-0251 4.29 600.0 nM 5.03E-6 mitochondrial response to ROS 12 9.10E-6
8 SGTC_1608 st001473 4.21 40.5 µM 7.10E-6 29 1.26E-5
9 SGTC_774 k060-0086 4.05 136.0 µM 1.50E-5 17 2.55E-5
10 SGTC_2912 7964298 3.92 10.9 µM 2.72E-5 cell wall 97 4.45E-5
11 SGTC_2134 5324836 3.91 1.5 µM 2.82E-5 16 4.60E-5
12 SGTC_1591 genipin 3.86 88.4 µM 3.51E-5 mitochondrial processes 14 5.65E-5
13 SGTC_1475 4092-1048 3.78 11.7 µM 4.89E-5 plasma membrane duress 33 7.73E-5
14 SGTC_6 0844-0013 3.77 19.8 µM 5.09E-5 102 8.02E-5
15 SGTC_1725 st036284 3.67 20.6 µM 7.73E-5 38 1.19E-4
16 SGTC_406 estrone 3.56 100.0 µM 1.24E-4 17 1.86E-4
17 SGTC_1763 st044482 3.53 94.5 µM 1.39E-4 copper-dependent oxidative stress 29 2.07E-4
18 SGTC_2612 dictamnine 3.49 15.5 µM 1.61E-4 RNA pol III & RNase P/MRP 61 2.37E-4
19 SGTC_1708 st033234 3.39 31.8 µM 2.42E-4 31 3.48E-4
20 SGTC_1286 0929-0070 3.38 131.0 µM 2.48E-4 38 3.56E-4

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Cofit Genes
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Correlation pval ORF Gene Zygosity Description
0.140 4.00E-16 YDR179C CSN9 hom Subunit of the Cop9 signalosome, which is required for deneddylation, or removal of the ubiquitin-like protein Rub1p from Cdc53p (cullin); involved in adaptation to pheromone signaling
0.135 4.98E-15 YLR250W SSP120 hom Protein of unknown function; green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the cytoplasm in a punctate pattern
0.109 2.82E-10 YHR117W TOM71 hom Mitochondrial outer membrane protein; probable minor component of the TOM (translocase of outer membrane) complex responsible for recognition and import of mitochondrially directed proteins; TOM71 has a paralog, TOM70, that arose from the whole genome duplication
0.102 3.01E-9 YDR497C ITR1 hom Myo-inositol transporter; has strong similarity to the minor myo-inositol transporter Itr2p, member of the sugar transporter superfamily; expression is repressed by inositol and choline via Opi1p and derepressed via Ino2p and Ino4p; relative distribution to the vacuole increases upon DNA replication stress
0.096 2.76E-8 YMR144W_p YMR144W_p hom Putative protein of unknown function; localized to the nucleus; YMR144W is not an essential gene
0.088 2.91E-7 YLR255C_d YLR255C_d hom Dubious ORF unlikely to encode a functional protein, based on available experimental and comparative sequence data
0.086 5.55E-7 YPR026W ATH1 hom Acid trehalase required for utilization of extracellular trehalose
0.086 6.35E-7 YJR037W_d YJR037W_d hom Dubious open reading frame unlikely to encode a protein, based on available experimental and comparative sequence data; partially overlaps verified gene HUL4/YJR036C; deletion mutant has decreased spore survival in Drosophila feces
0.085 9.20E-7 YCR005C CIT2 hom Citrate synthase; catalyzes the condensation of acetyl coenzyme A and oxaloacetate to form citrate, peroxisomal isozyme involved in glyoxylate cycle; expression is controlled by Rtg1p and Rtg2p transcription factors; CIT2 has a paralog, CIT1, that arose from the whole genome duplication
0.084 1.12E-6 YDL028C MPS1 het Dual-specificity kinase; required for spindle pole body (SPB) duplication and spindle checkpoint function; substrates include SPB proteins Spc42p, Spc110p, and Spc98p, mitotic exit network protein Mob1p, kinetochore protein Cnn1p, and checkpoint protein Mad1p
0.083 1.57E-6 YPL191C_p YPL191C_p hom Putative protein of unknown function; diploid deletion strain exhibits high budding index; green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the cytoplasm
0.083 1.68E-6 YPR071W_p YPR071W_p hom Putative membrane protein; YPR071W is not an essential gene; YPR071W has paralog YIL029C
0.079 4.92E-6 YCR020C PET18 hom Protein of unknown function, has weak similarity to proteins involved in thiamin metabolism; expression is induced in the absence of thiamin
0.078 5.38E-6 YKR050W TRK2 hom Component of the Trk1p-Trk2p potassium transport system; TRK2 has a paralog, TRK1, that arose from the whole genome duplication
0.078 6.22E-6 YOL044W PEX15 hom Phosphorylated tail-anchored type II integral peroxisomal membrane protein required for peroxisome biogenesis, cells lacking Pex15p mislocalize peroxisomal matrix proteins to cytosol, overexpression results in impaired peroxisome assembly