YMR134W / ERG29

Protein of unknown function that may be involved in iron metabolism; mutant bm-8 has a growth defect on iron-limited medium that is complemented by overexpression of Yfh1p; shows localization to the ER; highly conserved in ascomycetes

Zygosity: Heterozygous strain
Profile for YMR134W / ERG29

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Top fitness defect scores for YMR134W deletion by condition

RankScreen IDConditionFD ScoreConc
1 SGTC_162 k030-0015 29.40 37.8 µM 8.69E-186 iron homeostasis 1 9.97E-191 24.10
2 SGTC_1230 0170-0365 28.50 3.8 µM 3.10E-174 endomembrane recycling 2 7.24E-179 7.46
3 SGTC_768 0384-0033 23.60 77.3 µM 1.02E-120 fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) 1 6.46E-124 10.40
4 SGTC_2398 5228213 21.00 48.8 µM 5.72E-96 iron homeostasis 1 1.66E-98 9.24
5 SGTC_2046 4110841 18.00 106.0 µM 5.22E-71 iron homeostasis 1 7.07E-73 9.65
6 SGTC_2036 5160441 12.90 105.0 µM 2.25E-37 NEO1 3 2.43E-38 1.97
7 SGTC_834 0312-0008 12.60 75.7 µM 1.52E-35 NEO1 2 1.84E-36 2.42
8 SGTC_197 4544-0043 12.50 41.6 µM 4.07E-35 endomembrane recycling 4 5.05E-36 1.88
9 SGTC_637 1181-0519 12.30 7.3 µM 5.07E-34 fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) 2 6.72E-35 0.46
10 SGTC_568 1193-0097 12.10 7.5 µM 2.78E-33 ERAD & cell cycle 4 3.85E-34 4.37
11 SGTC_577 r071-0003 10.70 38.6 µM 1.76E-26 fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) 1 3.72E-27 6.28
12 SGTC_875 0709-0210 9.65 25.7 µM 8.58E-22 fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) 2 2.42E-22 3.41
13 SGTC_207 4185-0010 9.36 4.5 µM 1.26E-20 endomembrane recycling 3 3.81E-21 1.50
14 SGTC_846 0335-0850 9.21 148.0 µM 5.22E-20 ubiquinone biosynthesis & proteasome 1 1.64E-20 2.38
15 SGTC_2021 4019055 8.78 173.0 µM 2.27E-18 endomembrane recycling 9 7.92E-19 0.46
16 SGTC_669 0108-0021 8.70 26.2 µM 4.83E-18 fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) 1 1.72E-18 1.84
17 SGTC_2896 9052656 8.44 71.4 µM 4.14E-17 endomembrane recycling 3 1.56E-17 0.08
18 SGTC_15 0266-0086 7.22 27.1 µM 5.40E-13 endomembrane recycling 3 2.62E-13 0.23
19 SGTC_2257 7960413 6.02 200.0 µM 1.43E-9 NEO1-PIK1 11 8.57E-10 0.68
20 SGTC_2527 2',3'-dihydroxy-4-methoxy-4'-ethoxybenzophenone 5.95 63.6 µM 2.18E-9 2 1.32E-9 1.02

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Cofit Genes
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Correlation pval ORF Gene Zygosity Description
0.444 3.89E-162 YGR060W ERG25 het C-4 methyl sterol oxidase, catalyzes the first of three steps required to remove two C-4 methyl groups from an intermediate in ergosterol biosynthesis; mutants accumulate the sterol intermediate 4,4-dimethylzymosterol
0.288 3.68E-65 YDL133W SRF1 hom Regulator of phospholipase D (Spo14p); interacts with Spo14p and regulates its catalytic activity; capable of buffering the toxicity of C16:0 platelet activating factor, a lipid that accumulates intraneuronally in Alzheimer's patients
0.264 1.50E-54 YCR093W CDC39 het Component of the CCR4-NOT complex, which has multiple roles in regulating mRNA levels including regulation of transcription and destabilizing mRNAs by deadenylation; basal transcription factor
0.251 2.43E-49 YER031C YPT31 hom Rab family GTPase; involved in the exocytic pathway; mediates intra-Golgi traffic or the budding of post-Golgi vesicles from the trans-Golgi; YPT31 has a paralog, YPT32, that arose from the whole genome duplication
0.241 1.99E-45 YOL164W BDS1 hom Bacterially-derived sulfatase required for use of alkyl- and aryl-sulfates as sulfur sources
0.235 4.35E-43 YOL144W NOP8 het Nucleolar protein required for 60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis
0.226 5.16E-40 YOR070C GYP1 hom Cis-golgi GTPase-activating protein (GAP) for the Rab family members Ypt1p (in vivo) and for Ypt1p, Sec4p, Ypt7p, and Ypt51p (in vitro); involved in vesicle docking and fusion
0.225 1.28E-39 YJL086C_d YJL086C_d het Dubious open reading frame unlikely to encode a protein, based on available experimental and comparative sequence data; partially overlaps the verified genes YJL085W/EXO70 and YJL087C/TRL1
0.224 1.90E-39 YDL226C GCS1 hom ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein (ARF GAP), involved in ER-Golgi transport; shares functional similarity with Glo3p
0.214 3.97E-36 YDR317W HIM1 hom Protein of unknown function involved in DNA repair
0.206 3.28E-33 YNL267W PIK1 het Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase; catalyzes first step in the biosynthesis of phosphatidylinositol-4,5-biphosphate; may control cytokinesis through the actin cytoskeleton
0.202 2.72E-32 YML037C_p YML037C_p hom Putative protein of unknown function with some characteristics of a transcriptional activator; may be a target of Dbf2p-Mob1p kinase; GFP-fusion protein co-localizes with clathrin-coated vesicles; YML037C is not an essential gene
0.197 1.27E-30 YHR007C ERG11 het Lanosterol 14-alpha-demethylase; catalyzes the C-14 demethylation of lanosterol to form 4,4''-dimethyl cholesta-8,14,24-triene-3-beta-ol in the ergosterol biosynthesis pathway; member of the cytochrome P450 family; associated and coordinately regulated with the P450 reductase Ncp1p
0.193 2.30E-29 YNL157W IGO1 hom Protein required for initiation of G0 program; prevents degradation of nutrient-regulated mRNAs via the 5'-3' mRNA decay pathway; phosphorylated by Rim15p; GFP protein localizes to the cytoplasm and nucleus; similar to Igo2p
0.191 6.65E-29 YOR115C TRS33 hom One of 10 subunits of the transport protein particle (TRAPP) complex of the cis-Golgi which mediates vesicle docking and fusion; involved in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) to Golgi membrane traffic