Major Responses

The major response signatures can be explored in detail in the network of response signatures (i.e. a web version of fig. 2).
GO TO network of response signatures

Major response signatures and their associated screens are indicated below (click on arrow to view screens).

Response SignatureDescriptionNumber
60S ribosome export LSG1-NMD3 mediated ribosomal export from the nucleus 102
amide catabolism responses associated with DAL81, a nitrogen catabolite activator 32
anthracycline transcription coupled DNA repair responses associated with SSL2, a member of RNA polymerase transcription factor TFIIH holoenzyme, and DNA damage 7
azole & statin sterol biosynthesis, induced by ergosterol pathway inhibitors such as azoles and statins 26
calcium & mitochondrial duress calcium stress response, includes IMP2', a transcriptional activator involved in ion homeostasis 38
cell wall regulation of cell wall organization 31
cell wall signaling protein kinase C signaling 25
copper-dependent oxidative stress copper transport induced by oxidative stress and copper-dependent SOD1, SOD2 25
DNA damage response DNA damage and repair 34
DNA intercalators responses associated with ERG12 (ergosterol biosynthesis), YMR166C (potential mitochondrial carrier), EFM1 (lysine methyltransferase of eIF1A) and CEP3 (kineticore protein) 27
endomembrane recycling responses associated with RCY1, a protein involved in recycling plasma membrane proteins, and (amino)phospholipid transport 31
ERAD & cell cycle endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation and cell cycle 11
ERG2 responses associated with ERG2, involved in ergosterol biosynthesis; deletion increases membrane permeability; no other signature genes 49
Screen IDConditionsConcentrationPubchem CID
SGTC_12063978-0017132 µM3873677
SGTC_12410364-002250.8 µM4563895
SGTC_12440416-001552.5 µM96201
SGTC_12450418-007617.2 µM6790114
SGTC_12470448-00435.84 µM3089013
SGTC_130199-008765 µM4589825
SGTC_13391486-132122.7 µM3469382
SGTC_13601598-002239.8 µM761525
SGTC_13681852-0141284 µM2838987
SGTC_14484255-0083152 µM5399660
SGTC_1694st02401144.9 µM2787533
SGTC_1826st05565541.6 µM676168
SGTC_20555235184200 µM2836034
SGTC_21335320837200 µM2841355
SGTC_21445628481200 µM2818399
SGTC_2300797669771.57 µM2236109
SGTC_234nsc-1738310.7 µM408974
SGTC_24635473429200 µM5399405
SGTC_2533agelasine13.65 µM16667745
SGTC_2720fluspirilene36.88 µM3396
SGTC_2724maprotiline69.64 µM4011
SGTC_2732terfenadine20 µM5405
SGTC_2734clemastine41.6 µM26987
SGTC_2820798963071.43 µM2984098
SGTC_2862902763471.43 µM5012562
SGTC_2951907295058.06 µM16488155
SGTC_3042909157849.47 µM25236497
SGTC_3072911641949.47 µM17170162
SGTC_3127912694649.47 µM27243249
SGTC_3172910586349.47 µM2348785
SGTC_3174910720449.47 µM3938802
SGTC_3177910750649.47 µM8897194
SGTC_3234013-090634.3 µM2910086
SGTC_430570-010572.5 µM1114046
SGTC_469w7172 µM45115570
SGTC_50352-0601109.88 µM762456
SGTC_5181021-011962.6 µM1097762
SGTC_540159-00559 µM3319099
SGTC_5433844-1095191 µM4230703
SGTC_5623772-2733112 µM2876874
SGTC_5983937-023620.2 µM1379313
SGTC_6341611-431711.2 µM2843522
SGTC_7131488-1073324 µM3312542
SGTC_7243910-0327137 µM2885483
SGTC_7420kpi-0133140 µM2728852
SGTC_7764476-4378112 µM2892008
SGTC_7891309-113570.6 µM3092424
SGTC_8700573-221357.6 µM3916321
SGTC_9741326-0144138 µM5411856

ergosterol biosynthesis ergosterol biosynthesis 20
ergosterol depletion effects on membrane effects of high concentrations of ergosterol inhibitors on plasma membrane (e.g. vesicular trafficking, sterol biosynthesis) and regulation of GTPase activity 15
excess fatty acid response to excess fatty acid, primarily through LRO1, an acyltransferase that catalyzes diacylglycerol esterification 9
exosome exosome complex; induced by uracil analogs such as 5-fluorouracil 7
fatty acid desaturase (OLE1) responses associated with drug-induced happloinsufficiency of OLE1 (fatty acid desaturase) 36
Golgi intra-Golgi transport involving the COG1-8 Golgi transport complex 71
heat shock/prefoldin responses associated with the prefoldin complex, induced by heat shock 5
heme biosynthesis & mitochondrial translocase heme biosynthesis and the mitchondrial outer membrane translocase complex 19
heme requiring responses associated with heme biosynthesis, induced by compounds such as the iron chelator bathophenantroline 14
iron homeostasis responses associated with iron homeostasis, induced by several iron chelators 35
mitochondrial processes responses associated with mitochondrial processes including ATPase inhibition 53
mitochondrial response to ROS responses associated with mitochondrial genome maintenance, induced by compounds such as the antioxidant mangostin, which may participate in redox cycling 16
mitochondrial stress disruption of mitochondrial processes, associated with charged and reactive compounds 10
NEO1 notable drug-induced haploinsufficiency of NEO1, an aminophospholipid plasma membrane flippase 21
NEO1-PIK1 drug-induced haploinsufficiency of NEO1 (aminophospholipid plasma membrane flippase) and PIK1 (phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase) 17
PDR1 notable requirement for PDR1, a transcription factor that regulates the pleiotropic drug response; no other signature genes 26
plasma membrane duress piperazine-induced plasma membrane duress 18
redox potentiating protein catabolism via the multivesicular body sorting pathway associated with the generation of superoxide 27
RNA pol III & RNase P/MRP responses associated with RNA polymerase III and other complexes 17
RNA processing & uracil transport strong requirement for FUR4, a uracil transporter, and RNA processing genes GLC7 and RRP45; no other signature genes 29
RPP1 & pyrimidine depletion notable drug-induced haploinsufficiency of RPP1, a member of RNase P and MRP, complexes that cleave rRNA and tRNA precursors, respectively 85
RSC & ERG11 RSC chromatin structure remodeling complex and ERG11, an ergosterol biosynthesis enzyme 16
RSC complex & mRNA processing RSC chromatin structure remodeling complex and mRNA processing 24
sphingolipid biosynthesis & PDR1 responses associated with sphingolipid biosynthesis and PDR1, a transcription factor that regulates the pleiotropic drug response (induced by surfactants) 14
superoxide pentose phosphate pathway/NADP metabolism 13
SWF1 & branched chain AA biosynthesis branched chain amino acid biosynthesis and protein modification via SWF1 9
translation cytoplasmic and mitochondrial translation 6
TRP & mitochondrial translation thiazolidinone targeting of protein prenylation (RER2) dirupts mitochondrial function 14
TSC3-RPN4 responses associated with a strong requirement for TSC3 (activator of sphingolipid biosynthesis) and a moderate requirement for RPN4 (transcription factor that stimulates expression of proteasome genes) 59
tubulin folding & SWR complex tubulin biogenesis, induced by tubulin inhibitors benomyl and nocodazole 26
ubiquinone biosynthesis & proteasome responses associated with the 20S proteosome, ubiquinone biosynthesis and an adamantyl structure moiety 18
unfolded protein response unfolded protein response induced by inhibition of diverse HIP targets 11