Hip-Hop Chemical Genomics Lab-FitDB

FitDB (Yeast Fitness Database)

FitDB is a searchable database of quantitative chemical-genetic interactions based on data in Hillenmeyer et al. (Science 2008). The site provides a graphical interface to the supplementary data presented in The Chemical Genomic Portrait of Yeast. To download the entire dataset, please visit the supplementary website.

    FitDB (search chemical genetic interactions)  * opens in separate page

FitDB allows the following searches:

  • Gene search

  • allows viewing of compounds most sensitive to the gene specified in a heterozygous and homozygous yeast deletion strain, including a view of yeast deletion strains that behave similarly to the gene of interest.

  • Compounds search

  • allows identification of heterozygous or homozygous deletion strains exhibiting hypersensitivity to compound, including a view of compounds that behave similarly to the compound of interest.